Repairs at Crasno

HOLIDAY NOTICE: no additional repairs for 2019 will be accepted after December 6th. Business will resume on January 6th.

Repairs are the main focus here. Since I operate out of my home in Edmonton, Alberta, all repairs need an appointment — please contact me!

As of January 2018, Crasno is an Authorized Roland Service Center, performing both warranty and non-warranty repairs of Roland and Boss equipment.

Labor Rate: $35.00 per hour + cost of parts & supplies
Minimum Labor Charge: 1 hour ($35.00)
Typical Turnaround: 1–3 weeks
Warranty: 1 year
Normal Hours: Monday to Friday, 10AM to 6PM (MST / MDT)
  • Please inform me if you'd like an estimate. By default, I proceed with a repair without giving an estimate unless it requires expensive parts (>$60.00) or substantial anticipated labor (>4 hours / $140.00).
  • The warranty begins at the date of completion, and ends 365 days later. It covers all labor and up to $50.00 worth of parts. Only the work I perform is warranted — problems unrelated to those that I've fixed are not covered, nor are any problems resulting from misuse or abuse.
  • Payment is required before I will release your item. I accept cash, Interac E-transfer, and PayPal (with 5% added to compensate for fees). Cheques accepted only from businesses / institutions.
  • Repaired items not paid for and picked up within 60 days after completion (and after repeated contact attempts and reminders) will be sold or kept for my own use.
  • I normally do not respond to calls or emails on weekends, which I reserve for resting, having fun, and working on my own projects. However, if drop-off or pickup is truly impossible during the week, a weekend arrangement may be possible. The same applies to holidays.

As well, though I prefer face-to-face exchange of items and payment, I can also repair things shipped to me, as long as you pay for all shipping costs, and contact me prior to shipment. I always take good care when packing for return shipment, but nonetheless, I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit to or from me.

What sorts of things do I repair?

All of the above, and more! Yes, these are all actual devices that I've repaired and photographed. Most commonly, I repair:

  • Keyboard Instruments / Synthesizers / Organs (including vacuum-tube instruments)
  • Amplifiers (solid-state or vacuum tube, hi-fi and instrument)
  • PA Equipment (amps, mixers, etc.)
  • Effects (pedals, rack-mounts, etc.)
  • Audio Tape Recorders (reel-to-reel, cassette, 8-track, etc.)
  • Radios (solid-state or vacuum tube)
  • Test Equipment (power supplies, signal generators, counters, oscilloscopes, etc.)
  • Turntables

In general, the older the better— devices made prior to the 1990s usually have both better serviceability (including availability of parts and documentation) and materials quality than recent products. However, I will indeed work on some modern things; I have fixed many recent amps, keyboards, pedals, microphones, and test devices, though the success rate is lower than for "vintage" equipment.

What I do not work on are computers, "smart" phones, appliances, automotive devices, and industrial electronics. This also includes all computer and smartphone peripherals. I also will not perform a "guitar amp conversion" on any 16mm projectors or tube organs—they are far more interesting and valuable as they are. The world has plenty of fine guitar amps (and they are easy to build), while the supply of quality projectors and organs continues to diminish.

For detailed examples of things that I've repaired, see the Articles page.

Other Services

For info and pricing on the services below, contact me!

  • Audio Tape Digitization
    • 1/4" reel-to-reel, 2- or 4-track
    • 1/2" reel-to-reel, 8-track
    • Minicassette
    • Microcassette
  • Video Tape Digitization
    • VHS
    • 8mm and Hi-8, mono or stereo
    • MiniDV (technically it's already digital, but...)
  • Sale of musical and test equipment