Repairs at Crasno

Repairs are the main focus here. Since I operate out of my home in Edmonton, AB, all repairs need an appointment — please contact me!

Labor Rate: $35.00 per hour + cost of parts & supplies
Minimum Charge: $17.50 (i.e. 30 minutes labor) per item
Estimates: Free
Typical Turnaround: 1–2 weeks
Warranty: 1 year

As of January 2018, Crasno is an Authorized Roland Service Center, performing both warranty and non-warranty repairs on Roland and Boss equipment.

Other policies:

  • The warranty begins at the date of completion, and ends 365 days later. I only warrant the work I perform — problems unrelated to the ones I've fixed are not covered by warranty, nor are problems resulting from misuse or abuse.
  • If a repair requires parts that are expensive (>$60.00) or with anticipated slow shipping (>1 month), I will contact you before proceeding.
  • If a repair is expected to require substantial labor (>4 hours), I will contact you before proceeding.
  • Payment is required before I will release your item.
  • I accept cash, Interac E-transfer, and PayPal (with 5% added to compensate for fees). Cheques accepted only from businesses / institutions.
  • Repaired items not paid for and picked up within 60 days after completion will be sold or kept for my own use.

As well, though I prefer face-to-face exchange of items and payment, I can also repair things shipped to me, as long as you pay for all shipping costs, and contact me prior to shipment. I always take good care when packing for return shipment, but nonetheless, I am not responsible for loss or damage in transit to or from me.

What sorts of things do I repair?

All of the above, and more! Yes, these are all actual devices that I've repaired and photographed. To write it out, here are some typical sorts:

  • Keyboard Instruments / Synthesizers
  • Amplifiers (solid-state or vacuum tube, hi-fi and instrument)
  • PA Equipment (amps, mixers, microphones, etc.)
  • Effects (pedals, rack mounts, etc.)
  • Radios (solid-state or vacuum tube)
  • Test Equipment (power supplies, signal generators, counters, oscilloscopes, etc.)
  • Audio Tape Recorders (reel-to-reel, cassette, 8-track, etc.)
  • Film projectors (8mm and 16mm)
  • Turntables
  • Speakers

I mostly repair 20th century electronics, but I have had high success with present-day devices as well, including many modern amps, keyboards, pedals, microphones, and test devices. I can also repair appliances, such as toasters and microwaves, as long as they can be brought to me. Basically, if you are willing to pay, I can attempt to repair any electronic device, using my experience, intuition, and all available information. However, I do not generally work on modern computers or phones—these almost always require expensive parts that I do not have, and there are plenty of other shops that work on such things. If they turn you away though (saying your computer is "too vintage", for example), I may be able to help.

For detailed examples of things that I've repaired, see the Articles page.

Other Services

For info and pricing on the services below, contact me!

  • Audio Tape Digitization
    • 1/4" reel-to-reel, 2- or 4-track
    • 1/2" reel-to-reel, 8-track
    • Cassette
    • Minicassette
    • Microcassette
  • Video Tape Digitization
    • VHS
    • 8mm and Hi-8, mono or stereo
    • MiniDV (technically it's already digital, but...)
  • Piano & harpsichord repair and tuning
  • Sale of refurbished equipment
  • Purchase of 20th century electronics