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Crasno Electronics


What is Crasno?

Crasno Electronics is a sole proprietorship in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada run by myself, Jesse Acorn. I am currently an electrical engineering student and hobbyist musician, with a keen interest in electronics.

Crasno offers the following:

  1. Repair of Electronics

    Focusing especially on pre-2000s audio and musical devices, including guitar and hi-fi amplifiers, electronic keyboard instruments, tape recorders (esp. reel-to-reel), and so on. I have also had high success in repairing modern devices as well, including many modern amps, keyboards, pedals, microphones, test devices, and even toasters! Basically, if you are willing to pay, I can attempt to repair any electronic device, using my experience and intuition and all information at my disposal. My rate is $35.00 / hour plus the cost of parts & supplies. See the Repairs page for further information. Crasno is an authorized Roland service center.
  2. Manufacturing of Handmade Electronics

    At the moment, all of my devices are made-to-order. In the the Products section, you can see some of the things I have designed and built. So far, these are all musical devices, including amplifiers, effects, and synthesizers. My aim is to make electronics of outstanding quality, with emphasis on utility, serviceability, and beauty—the latter two principles having been neglected by major manufacturers. I hope to carry on the best aspects of vintage electronics, while making use of high-quality new parts.
  3. Sale of Electronics

    I usually have items for sale, with listings mostly on eBay, as well as Kijiji (which unfortunately I cannot link to, but I can give a list of items upon request). The former usually has smaller and more specialized items, while the latter has larger things with broader appeal. If you see something on eBay you're interested in, and you are local to Edmonton, contact me to arrange pickup.
  4. Info Source

    I have written various articles about specific pieces of equipment, as well as general topics. The equipment articles give info on items in my collection (much of which are rare and lacking in online info), as well as interesting customer repairs. The Articles page is where to find these.

Jesse Acorn, Founder and Proprietor